Agricultural machinery peanut sheller made in China

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Peanut shelling machine adopts corrugated board for shelling, wind primary selection, specific gravity separation and selection, selection, and the selected peanut kernels can be automatically put into sacks. It has simple and compact structure, flexible and convenient operation, easy maintenance, and peeling It has the characteristics of high shelling efficiency, high performance-price ratio, labor-saving and labor-saving, etc. It is suitable for peanut shelling operations in grain depots, oil processing plants and food industries. It is also an ideal equipment for rural joint use and individual professional households in flower production areas. The peanut sheller has the advantages of compact structure, easy operation, stable and reliable performance, high shelling efficiency, low peanut breakage rate, good sorting and low loss rate.

1. The peeling and rolling method adopts the principle of dry peeling by iron roller rotation and electric sieving and classification.

2. The breakage rate of shelled seeds is extremely low, and the shell is made of iron plate powder spraying process, which is beautiful and durable.

3. The motor voltage is 220V and the power is 3KW. The new copper wire motor has a longer life.

4. The well-designed special hair dryer has moderate wind and even wind distribution, which can effectively separate the seeds from the shell and optimize the seed recovery rate.

5. The shelling machine is equipped with high-quality universal wheels, and adopts a unique side-mounted design, which is easy to move.

6. Small size, efficient and convenient. The peeling rate can reach 800–900 catties (peanut fruit) per hour, and the peeling rate is over 98%.

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CSL-800 peanut thresher





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cleaning rate(%)


Filter structure

Specific gravity screen + dust removal system

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peanut skin shelling

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1. Cleaning fan, the pods that have not fallen off are sent to the re-offering device through the cleaning fan for a second time, and the output is increased by 10%; the combination of the vibrating screen and the cleaning fan makes the separation more clean;

2. The vacuuming device removes the dust in the working sieve, and the details show high quality;

3. Specific gravity separation sieve, which can screen out different peanut qualities

4. The dust removal fan can put a pocket on the fan to make the working environment cleaner;

5. Re-exiting pipeline, high airtight performance, no air leakage after long-term use

6. Accessories, provide 2 sets of screens, according to the particle size, suitable for different varieties of peanuts.

7. The feed port switch needs to be closed before work, and can be opened to about 4cm after normal work.

8. It can be customized to add mobile wheels and diesel engine frames according to demand.

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