• Self-propelled rotary tiller

    Self-propelled rotary tiller

    Dimension (mm)1670×960×890 Weight(kg)120 Rated power(kW)6.3 Rated speed(r/min)1800 Knife roll design(r/min)low speed 30、high speed 100 Maximum turning radius of knife roller(mm)180 Rotary tillage width(mm)900 Rotary tillage depth(mm)≥100 Productivity(hm2/h)≥0.10

  • Rotary tiller driven by a wheel tractor

    Rotary tiller driven by a wheel tractor

    Rotary tiller driven by a wheel tractor/Rotary tiller for land cultivation/Rake operation cultivator Root stubble chopper/Rotary tiller driven by four-wheeled tractor/Various types of rotary tiller

  • Hydraulic flip plow

    Hydraulic flip plow

    The hydraulic flip plow mainly chooses different models according to the size of the tractor’s horsepower and the requirements for the soil tillage depth. There are 20 series, 25 series, 30 series, 35 series, 45 series and so on. The hydraulic flip plow is mainly used for deep ploughing, so that a large area of the soil is exposed to oxygen, increasing the nutrients of the soil and reducing the degree of salinity. Therefore, in recent years, the country has advocated the use of hydraulic deep-turning plows to plow farmland.

  • 1BZ series hydraulic offset heavy harrow

    1BZ series hydraulic offset heavy harrow

    The 1BZ series hydraulic offset heavy harrow is connected to the tractor through a three-point suspension. It has strong farming ability for heavy soil, wasteland and weedy plots. It is mainly suitable for stubble removal before ploughing, breaking ground surface compaction, chopped straw and returning to the field, crushing soil after ploughing, leveling and maintaining moisture, etc.