• Corn harvester

    Corn harvester

    The small corn harvester adopts a knapsack structure and can harvest 2 to 4 rows of corn at one time. It is installed on a four-wheel tractor with 18-32 horsepower. It has simple operation, high efficiency, and one machine with multiple functions. The straw can be crushed and returned to the field, which is particularly suitable for farmland operations in the vast rural areas, and can show its advantages.

  • The wide-width peanut harvester

    The wide-width peanut harvester

    The wide-width peanut harvester is a new type of peanut harvesting equipment developed by our company. The equipment of this model can be better adapted to the requirements of peanut planting and growth characteristics. It can be used with tractors to realize the functions of excavation, soil clearing, ridging and laying at one time. The whole operation process is smooth and can be used at the same time. Harvesting four rows, high efficiency during operation, strong applicability, high reliab...
  • The potato harvester

    The potato harvester

    The potato harvester is a special harvesting machine for harvesting potato root crops such as potatoes and sweet potatoes. It can also harvest peanuts, carrots, onions, garlic and other stem crops and agricultural products. It can complete excavation, lifting, cleaning, separation, laying, etc. Multiple assignments. The machine has advanced principles, good adaptability and high reliability. This machine works with a 20-60 horsepower tractor and is mainly used for harvesting, piles, and other...
  • The multifunctional windrower

    The multifunctional windrower

    The multifunctional windrower has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance, small size, light weight, low energy consumption, stable performance, good reliability, and strong applicability. It is especially suitable for harvesting rice, three wheat, soybeans and reeds in small plots, mountains, hills and areas that require straw utilization. . (Working for 20 days to recover all investment)