• How to extend the service life of peanut picker

    When harvesting peanuts, the traditional method is to use manpower for harvesting, which is very inefficient and takes a long time. It requires the work of getting up early every day. But using a peanut picker is different. Its work is very high, and the harvesting time is very short, which can p...
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  • CHENS-LIFT latest corn harvester has leading technology and convenient and easy-to-use advantages.

    At present, corn harvesters have become an important tool for replacing manual labor in rural areas. With the implementation of the country’s preferential policies for rural areas, the scope of their use is also expanding. Our company is a professional corn harvester manufacturer and has successf...
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  • Identifying Disc Harrow Problems

    Identifying Disc Harrow Problems

    When it comes to your farming operation, a disc harrow is essential. This helpful device makes use of specialized discs to cut into the soil saving invaluable time. Used during planting season and throughout the year to help move and enrich the soil, a broken harrow disc can be devastating to you...
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  • Potato planter

    Potato planter

    The mechanized planting of potato not only has the same seeding depth and is resistant to drought, the average emergence rate is more than 95%, but also the planting distance is the same, and the rows are arranged neatly. It integrates sowing and fertilization, which improves the standardization ...
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  • How to maintain the thresher to extend the service life

    How to maintain the thresher to extend the service life

    1. Maintenance during operation period   ①Always pay attention to whether the rotation speed, sound, and temperature of the machine are normal. Every time a product is taken off or a day’s work is completed, the machine should be shut down to check whether the bearings are overheated and whethe...
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