How to maintain the thresher to extend the service life

1. Maintenance during operation period


  Always pay attention to whether the rotation speed, sound, and temperature of the machine are normal. Every time a product is taken off or a days work is completed, the machine should be shut down to check whether the bearings are overheated and whether the fastening screws and key pins are loose. Any abnormality should be eliminated in time.

When the diesel engine is powered, the exhaust pipe and fire hood should be cleaned every day to avoid serious carbon accumulation. Shaanxi pine nut thresher will affect the exhaust and fire extinguishing efficiency; when the motor is powered, the motor should be covered with straw at noon. Get up to prevent the motor from getting hot from the sun.

 ③ Regularly check whether the tension of each transmission belt and the clearance of each matching part are appropriate, and adjust it in time.

 ④During the rainy season, always clean up the dust, stubble on the machine cover, and debris and sticky mud on the roller, skateboard screen, etc., so as to avoid rusting of the machine parts after accumulation of water.

 ⑤After each operation, the machine should be stored in the warehouse or factory shed if conditions permit. When stored outdoors, it should be covered with tarp or plastic sheet to prevent the machine from being exposed to moisture or rain.



2. Maintenance during the storage period

 After the threshing season, the thresher should be sealed up immediately. The following work should be done when sealing up:

 ①Clean up dust, dirt, stalks, glumes and other debris inside and outside the machine.

 ② Coat the surface of unpainted metal parts such as the transmission pulley and threshing machine drum with anti-rust oil. Repaint the areas where the paint is removed from the frame, cover, etc.

 ③Remove accessories such as motors, drive belts, etc., and keep them together with other accessories.

 ④Place the machine in a dry warehouse or factory shed. When possible, it is best to use sleepers to cushion it and cover it with oil cloth to prevent the machine from being damp, exposed and rained.

 ⑤Before use in the coming year, the thresher should be thoroughly cleaned and overhauled. All bearing housing covers should be opened, grease and debris should be removed, sufficient lubricating oil should be refilled, and deformed and worn parts should be replaced. When replacing the roller grain bar, the price of the pine nut thresher should be grouped by weight and installed according to the weight plus a balance pad to maintain the balance of the roller. When replacing individual ribs, not only must pay attention to balance, but also by appropriately adjusting the thickness of the shim to make the drum run with the smallest radial runout. After replacement and repair of parts, all connecting bolts must be tightened firmly as required.

For long-distance transportation, the thresher should be installed on the vehicle; for short-distance transportation, the transport vessel should be refueled. The transportation speed must not exceed 5 km/h

Post time: Jun-03-2019