CHENS-LIFT latest corn harvester has leading technology and convenient and easy-to-use advantages.

At present, corn harvesters have become an important tool for replacing manual labor in rural areas. With the implementation of the countrys preferential policies for rural areas, the scope of their use is also expanding. Our company is a professional corn harvester manufacturer and has successfully developed many Various types of corn harvesters have a wide range of user groups throughout the country and have a good social reputation. The technicians of our factory are responsible for the user, continue to develop new technologies and improve product quality. On the basis of summarizing the problems that occurred in the past product technology and practical applications, they have recently successfully developed a new type of corn harvester, which retains the past. The shortcomings of the model, while solving many problems that existed in the past, it is the best among similar products on the market. Next, let’s get to know Chengsuli’s new corn harvester.

1. Fuel saving: less power consumption, about 40% less power than traditional models.

2. Straw crushing: The straw is chopped in the machine, and the effect is good.

3. Light weight: adopting vertical combined counter-rolling picking roller, small size, light weight, good picking effect and low harvest loss.

4. Convenient grain unloading: the tipping grain unloading mechanism after the hydraulic lifting of the collecting box is light and practical, and the lifting height is adjustable, which greatly facilitates the unloading of grain and saves the unloading time;

5. The structure is simple and reasonable: the number of people is driven by chains and belts, and the traditional gear box is replaced by a unique chain box, which simplifies the structure, reduces the cost, and facilitates maintenance:

6. Abundant spare parts resources: mature spare parts for small four-wheel tractors and three-wheel agricultural vehicles that are widely available in the society are widely used, and the social supporting resources are rich in maintenance spare parts resources.

The technical staff of our company will continue to maintain the technological innovation of corn harvester products, make products that meet the needs of social development, and make products that are user-friendly. Users are welcome to provide more valuable comments during the use process, so that we can discover the company’s Corn harvester related deficiencies in order to facilitate the harvest and improvement, our company is willing to work hand in hand with the majority of users, and jointly create a good future.


Post time: Sep-02-2021