Corn and soybean planters made in China

When sowing corn, soybean, cotton and other large-grain crops, single-grain on-demand or hole-seeding is often used. At present, the most widely used in China are horizontal disc, socket wheel and pneumatic point (hole) seeders. Hanging planter is a typical hole-seeding planter in China, which is mainly used for hole-seeding of large seeds. The frame of this planter is composed of beams, walking wheels, suspension frames and the like. The seed box, seed metering device, trench opener, and soil-covering suppressor constitute the sowing unit, and the number of units is equal to the number of sowing rows. The seeding unit is connected with the main beam through a four-bar mechanism, and has a profiling function of undulating with the ground. The power source of the seed meter on each unit is driven by its own traveling wheel or pressing wheel.

This planter uses a horizontal disc seed metering device and a sliding knife opener, mainly for sowing corn. If the horizontal disc type seed metering device is replaced with a cotton seed metering device, cotton can be planted in holes; Then millet, sorghum, wheat and other crops can be drilled. At this time, one sowing monomer can be sown in 1 to 3 rows.

Post time: Mar-04-2022