How to extend the service life of peanut picker

When harvesting peanuts, the traditional method is to use manpower for harvesting, which is very inefficient and takes a long time. It requires the work of getting up early every day. But using a peanut picker is different. Its work is very high, and the harvesting time is very short, which can provide a lot of convenience for farmers. Let’s take a look at it in detail below.


 The peanut picker can separate the peanuts fruits from seedlings. And handling it with simple processing, the whole process is very fast and simple. Its fruit breaking rate is very low, and the processing efficiency of peanuts is high, the peanuts are cleaned very cleanly, and the peanuts are distinct after coming out, which is very beautiful.

   The equipment can process two different types of peanuts, dry and wet, and its performance is very stable, and it can work continuously, rarely causing malfunctions, and it can bring people a lot of convenience during use. The separated peanuts will fall on the vibrating screen and then be transported to the side of the equipment for further processing, which is very easy to use.

But in the process of use, there may be some situations that affect its use. The following manufacturers will show you how to extend their service life.

 1. Check the parts in time

   When using the peanut picker, check its parts. The bearing parts, bolts, joints, etc. must be carefully checked, so that there will be no malfunctions during use, and it can provide power for people’s work for a long time.

   2. Add lubricating oil in time

  The use of lubricating oil is very critical, and its quality will affect the use of equipment to a large extent. Therefore, high-quality lubricating oil should be selected so as to cause less damage to the equipment and provide more power for the equipment.

  3. Use according to the correct process

   The correct use can increase the use time of the equipment.

   The above are some ways to extend the use time of the peanut picker. You can refer to it when you use it.

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Post time: Sep-15-2021