Identifying Disc Harrow Problems

When it comes to your farming operation, a disc harrow is essential. This helpful device makes use of specialized discs to cut into the soil saving invaluable time. Used during planting season and throughout the year to help move and enrich the soil, a broken harrow disc can be devastating to your operations. Learning how to troubleshoot a disc harrow ensures you can efficiently handle any problems that may occur in the field. Here’s a quick guide to troubleshooting disc harrow problems.

Harrows Dig Too Deep

If you notice one or more of the harrows are digging too deep into the ground, a simple adjustment will fix the problem. The height of each harrow is easily adjusted even as you are cultivating the field. Using a level ensures all discs are the same height.

A Harrow Leaves Break in Soil

If you notice breaks in the soil when using the harrow, the culprit is most likely the operator of the tractor that is pulling the disc harrow. Going too fast with the tractor will cause the harrow to skip and leave intermittent soil deposits. To create a nice uniform break and deposit of the soil, the tractor should ideally be driven at around 4-6 miles per hour.


Uneven Rows

If you notice that the rows have curves in them when you are pulling the disc harrow behind a tractor, there are a few possible issues that should be checked.

A Bent Crossbar – The crossbar joins the 3 point hitch to the disc harrow body. The crossbar can become bent from damage, however occasionally normal wear and tear can also cause the crossbar to bend. A bent crossbar will not pull straight causing curved lines.

Uneven Tire Pressure – As a pull-behind apparatus, the disc harrow depends on wheels for it to properly move. If one of the tires is under-inflated or tire pressure is uneven, the rows will be uneven.

Bent Discs – Harrow discs are designed to have the soil ride up them and then deposit into the ground in even rows. If the terrain is rocky, a large rock can bend the disc causing the row to be deposited into the ground crooked.

Discs Need Grease

Disc harrows that see a lot of use in the hot summer months can easily begin to dry out. The bearings become brittle and rigid when they are too dry. To combat this, bearing grease should be applied routinely. If bearings become too rigid and suffer damage, they should be replaced to ensure the disc harrow stays in good working order. Replacement disc harrow bearing can be found online at The Big Bearing Store. The Big Bearing Store offers a variety of harrow bearings making it easy to find the exact part that you require. Fast and efficient shipping ensures your operation experiences little down time.

Discs Are Loose

Repeated use of your disc harrow may cause the nuts that hold the discs together to become loose. This is easily fixed with nothing more than a large socket wrench. Before use, a quick inspection of the disc harrow ensures all nuts are tight and are in working order.

Proper maintenance is essential to keeping your equipment running. When time is of the essence, guaranteeing you can handle problems as they arise helps to limit your farming operations downtime. The quick tips we have covered will help keep your disc harrow functioning properly.

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Post time: Jun-28-2021