Potato planter

The mechanized planting of potato not only has the same seeding depth and is resistant to drought, the average emergence rate is more than 95%, but also the planting distance is the same, and the rows are arranged neatly. It integrates sowing and fertilization, which improves the standardization and intensive level of potato production.


1. Preparation before planting potatoes

The farming preparation before planting is the same as manual planting. The corresponding land, fertilizer and seeds must be prepared before planting


①Fertilizer preparation


Let’s take a look at the fertilizer first, because the fertilizer boxes of the three machines are only suitable for applying granular nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers. The base fertilizer needed for potatoes is mainly farmyard manure and compound fertilizer. Farmyard manure needs to be artificially spread on the ground before ploughing, and 1500kg is generally spread per 667m2. Compound fertilizer is applied when sowing. The amount of fertilizer applied depends on the fertility of the local soil. Generally, the dosage of compound fertilizer per 667m2 is about 50kg.

②Soil preparation

All three machines are suitable for seeding in clayey soil and sandy soil, and are suitable for both dry farming areas and irrigated land. The implementation of mechanized planting is most suitable for flat cultivated land, and the slope of the sloping land should be less than 8%. In the soil layer of about 10cm, the ground temperature is stable at 7℃~8, and the absolute soil moisture content is 12%15%, sowing at the right time. If you plant in the sandy soil in the dry farming area, because the soil is soft, you only need to harrow and level it. Sow seeds in water farming and clay soil areas. After spreading the base fertilizer, you must use a rotary tiller to turn the soil deeply.

③ Seed preparation

Before sowing, the seed potatoes must be processed through the four steps of seed selection, seed drying, seed soaking, and seed cutting. In these four links, seed cutting is closely related to mechanical seeding, and the seed must be cut according to the standard before sowing. The potato cups of the three planters are the same size. Therefore, the potato seeds are required to be the same size, and 1500 times the potassium permanganate solution is prepared before cutting the seeds.

Used for soaking and disinfection of cutting knives and cutting boards. The weight of the seed block is kept at about 50g. Large seed potatoes have fewer sprout eyes, and small seed potatoes have more sprout eyes. Leave 2 to 4 full bud eyes on each seed block. The size of the cut block should be controlled within 3.50 ~ 4.50 cm. Seed potatoes should be immersed in 75% rare earth dry land treasure 1000 times solution for 30 minutes. It can not only sterilize and antiseptic, but also a plant growth regulator, which can promote the germination and rooting of potato seed potatoes, and can also enhance drought resistance.

Post time: Jun-28-2021