Technical principle of full-feed peanut picking machinery

The full-feeding peanut picking machine is a field operation equipment, which can complete the operation procedures of peanut picking, separation and cleaning.

Full-feeding fruit picking principle When the full-feeding fruit-picking machine operates, all peanut plants are fed into the fruit-picking drum. Compared with half-feeding fruit-picking, there is no need for neat feeding and orderly clamping, which can significantly improve the operation efficiency. The fruit picking drum is the main working part of the fully fed peanut fruit picking machine, which determines the working quality of the machine. The peanut plants are fed into the fruit picking drum through the feeding inlet, and rotate with the fruit picking drum. Under the action of the main force of the fruit picking auger and the beating, combing, and swaying of the nail teeth, and the blocking and friction of the static concave plate screen. The peanut pods are separated from the vines, and at the same time, the peanut plants are subjected to the axial component force of the fruit picking drum and move along the axial direction. During the whole process, the peanut plants also produce squeezing, friction and scraping. The picked peanut pods, broken branches and soil, etc. pass through the concave plate screen and fall to the vibrating screen for cleaning. Under the combined action of the vibrating screen and the cleaning fan, the clods, empty pods and broken stems After the sundries are cleaned out, the peanut pods are removed and bagged through the discharge port to complete the entire peanut picking operation.

Post time: Mar-25-2022