Two-stage peanut harvesting machinery

The whole process of peanut harvesting is divided into two main stages: the first stage and the second stage. The first stage uses digging, soil removal, and laying operations for picking up peanuts. , cleaning and fruit collection. A typical two-stage peanut harvesting requires only two types of machinery: a peanut harvester and a pick-up harvester. This method is used by the peanut harvesting machinery in the United States.

(1) The first stage

The peanut harvester is powered by a four-wheel tractor, and completes the peanut harvesting machinery operation at one time through the processes of seedling separation, digging, soil breaking, soil shaking and laying.

The 4H-2 segmented peanut harvester is a new type of peanut harvester matched with the multifunctional peanut mulching planter. This machine has the best promotion prospects in the current production, and is mainly composed of frame, power transmission system, harvesting part drive device, harvesting part, film breaking disc, depth limiting wheel and suspension device.

Main technical parameters: the supporting power is 8.8~13kW small four-wheel tractor; the production is 1000-1400㎡/hour (two lines are collected at the same time); the loss rate is less than or equal to 1%; the soil content of peanuts (calculated by mass) <5% ; Pod breakage rate <1.5%.

Main features: 1. The anti-parallelogram equal-angle swing mechanism is used to integrate the excavation parts and the separation parts of the peanut harvester. During the operation, the peanuts are excavated first, and then the soil is swayed to remove the soil, which realizes the peanut excavation and soil removal at one time. . 2. The disc film breaking device is used, which not only separates the intertwined two rows of peanut vines before digging peanuts, but also cuts the plastic film, so that the plastic film is attached to the peanut vines, and the peanut vines are collected when harvesting, and there is no residue in the ground. membrane. 3. It is driven by an antiparallelogram mechanism to achieve equal-angle swinging in the opposite direction, so that the lateral forces borne by the frame are balanced with each other, and the unit works stably. 4. The harvesting parts swing forward, the working resistance is small, and the power consumption of the unit is reduced.

(2) The second stage

The peanut plants on the surface are picked up, picked, cleaned and collected by the picking and harvesting machine, or manually picked up and fed, and the peanut picking machine completes the work of picking, cleaning and collecting fruits.

The peanut picking machine is mainly composed of a frame, a grass discharge wheel, a fruit picking roll, a concave screen, a cleaning fan, a conveyor belt and a fan adjustment plate. Some fruit picking machines are equipped with walking wheels, which are suitable for mobile operations. The machine needs to be manually picked and fed, and then the peanut picking machine will complete the operations of picking, cleaning and collecting fruit.

The Liston 1580 peanut picking and harvesting machine in the United States is driven by a 50-60 kilowatt tractor and powered by a power take-off shaft. When working, it can pick up, pick, clean and collect peanut plants spread on the ground.

Post time: Mar-09-2022