Wheat field stone picker,Gravel collector ,Deep ploughing self-unloading stone picker

Wheat field stone picker

Most of the farmland contains a lot of gravel, causing serious soil erosion, affecting the planting, emergence and growth of crops, and also causing great inconvenience to farming and management. The manual method of picking up rocks is not only labor-intensive, not clean, but also efficient. Low cost and high cost have restricted farmers’ production and income. This problem has plagued generations of people. The golden ploughing stone picker has undoubtedly made this dream a reality. It can operate in an extremely harsh working environment. You can pick up stones with a diameter of 2-40 cm. It is to put the entire plough layer (up to 30 cm)

All of the soil is ‘eaten’ in and ‘sieved’ all over. Its work efficiency is relatively high, it can pick up about 5 acres per hour. It effectively solves the problem that the gravel in the soil is the growth of multiple crops, which is convenient for farming, and increases production and income. Compared with the stone crusher, the stone picker consumes less power and has a high operating effect. It is no longer a dream to turn the Gobi into a good land! Soil stone pickers are currently not being promoted in our country as farmland preparation machinery, such as the reclamation of cultivated land in mining areas, the restoration of areas hit by mudslides, the restoration of flooded farmland, the removal of rocks and construction waste in building green spaces, and so on. Therefore, the soil stone picker will be promoted in the future, and the market will be broad in the rocky farmland and other related fields.


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Post time: Nov-25-2021