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  • Several common peanut shellers

    Several common peanut shellers

    Peanut shelling methods are mainly divided into non-mechanical shelling and mechanical shelling. At present, mechanical peanut shelling equipment is mainly used in the market. According to the different principles and structural forms of shelling, the main forms of commo...
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  • Technical principle of full-feed peanut picking machinery

    Technical principle of full-feed peanut picking machinery

    The full-feeding peanut picking machine is a field operation equipment, which can complete the operation procedures of peanut picking, separation and cleaning. Full-feeding fruit picking principle When the full-feeding fruit-picking machine operates, all peanut plants ar...
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  • Combined peanut harvesting technology of lift chain and shovel chain

    Combined peanut harvesting technology of lift chain and shovel chain

    (1) Overall design and working principle The conveying and cleaning device of the elevator chain and shovel chain combination peanut harvester is composed of an elevator chain. Taking a typical shovel chain combination peanut harvester as an example, it mainly includes a...
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  • Two-stage peanut harvesting machinery

    Two-stage peanut harvesting machinery

    The whole process of peanut harvesting is divided into two main stages: the first stage and the second stage. The first stage uses digging, soil removal, and laying operations for picking up peanuts. , cleaning and fruit collection. A typical two-stage peanut harvesting ...
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  • Corn and soybean planters made in China

    Corn and soybean planters made in China

    When sowing corn, soybean, cotton and other large-grain crops, single-grain on-demand or hole-seeding is often used. At present, the most widely used in China are horizontal disc, socket wheel and pneumatic point (hole) seeders. Hanging planter is a typical hole-seeding ...
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  • CHENS-LIFT latest corn harvester has leading technology and convenient and easy-to-use advantages.

    At present, corn harvesters have become an important tool for replacing manual labor in rural areas. With the implementation of the country’s preferential policies for rural areas, the scope of their use is also expanding. Our company is a professional corn harvester manufacturer and has successf...
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  • Potato planter

    Potato planter

    The mechanized planting of potato not only has the same seeding depth and is resistant to drought, the average emergence rate is more than 95%, but also the planting distance is the same, and the rows are arranged neatly. It integrates sowing and fertilization, which improves the standardization ...
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