Rock picker

  • 4UQL-1600III Rock picker

    4UQL-1600III Rock picker

    The stones in the farmland will greatly affect the income of planting, and at the same time it will obviously damage the planting machinery, field management machinery and harvesting machinery. There are a large number of stones in many lands in the west, northwest and north of our country.

    To solve the problems of the difficulty of removing stones in the soil and the high-cost cleaning issues. Our company product a new type of stone picking machine 4UQL-1600III, which is equipped with a 120 horsepower four-wheel tractor. It is connected to the stone picking machine through the three-point tractor. The tractor walks to drive the stone picking work. The excavation knife enters the soil to harvest the crops and soil to transport to the front chain row, and then the crops and soil run into the drum at the rear. The soil is leaked through the rotation of the drum, and the stones are loaded through the conveyor belt.

    This stone picking machine effectively solves the problem of farmer friends picking stones. The stone picking machine is in the reclamation of cultivated land in the mining area, the repair of the debris flow impact area, the repair of the water-damaged farmland, the removal of the stones and the construction waste played a huge role.