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This is the solar egg incubator produced by our company. It contains a 12-60V DC solar system incubator and a 220V AC solar egg incubator, which can solve the problem of breeding in non-electric areas. The DC solar system incubator has a service life of more than 10 years, with small energy loss, and can incubate less than 300-3000 eggs , and the AC solar system incubator can incubate 1000-6000 eggs, but the battery life is about 3 years to replace the battery, which can ensure the stable power supply of the egg incubator

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Intelligent hatching, common for poultry, special hatching egg tray for poultry, all kinds of poultry can be hatched, such as chickens, ducks, geese, quails, pigeons, peacocks, pheasants and other poultry.


In the event of a power outage, you can fill the kettle with hot water, then connect one end of the water pipe to the spout, and the other end to the heating hole of the water basin through the small hole of the machine, and then use coal, natural gas, liquefaction The air can be heated artificially.

When encountering a water outage, you can connect one end of the water pipe to the bucket (the bucket is higher), and the other end to the ball valve on the basin, and the water will naturally flow into the basin.


Double-chamber design: make the temperature and humidity in the box more uniform, the replacement of parts is convenient, the impact on eggs is small, and the hatching rate is improved.


1. When the main board control system fails, the backup control system is automatically activated to ensure the safety of hatching

2. When it exceeds the set safety range, it will automatically restore the factory settings to ensure that the entire incubation process is not lost.


1. Pure copper motor replaces bushing motor, chain design, front and rear 90°, egg turning speed is stable and even;

2. Thickened alloy egg bracket, more stable bearing capacity;

3. High-precision temperature and humidity probes to monitor indoor temperature in real time;

4. Automatic opening and closing exhaust fan.


5. Stainless steel corners, durable and not sharp;

6. Double-layer thermal insulation transparent glass, real-time viewing of hatching effect;

7. Invisible handle, save space, simple and beautiful;

8. The box is made of high-density 5cm thick color steel plate, which is heat-insulated and rust-proof.


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